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Drinks Menu

Coffee Lovers


Regular & Decaf Coffee


Flavor of the Day (flavored coffee)


Cafe Au Lait

Coffee with Steamed milk & froth.

Cafe & Coca

Coffee mixed with cocoa & topped with whipped cream.

Espresso Euphoria


Single, Double, or Triple shot of our dark rich espresso blend.


Espresso combined with steamed water.


Espresso topped with a dollop of froth.


Espresso, steamed milk & an abudance of froth.


Espresso, steamed milk & a dollop of froth.


Espresso combined with steamed half & half.

Red Eye

Rich, dark espresso mixed with regular coffee.

Chai Latte

Black Chai

A rich black tea latte mixed with cinnamon, honey, vanilla, ginger, and milk.

Decaf Red Chai

A decaffeinated red tea latte mixed with spices, vanilla, honey & milk.

Frozen & Iced Drinks

Smoothies (made with fruit puree & green tea)

Choose from:  Strawberry, Peach, Orange Passion Fruit, Wildberry or Mango….we serve this one at the “Taste of Buffalo”!


Oreo Milkshakes

Espresso Specialties

[coming soon, please call if you need prices or a take-out menu!]

Tea Lovers

We have a wonderful selection of black, green, herbal & red teas