Why Choose Our Coffee?


What makes a great cup of coffee? Quality, care, and preparation of coffee beans! All of our coffee beans are locally supplied and freshly roasted on site by our supplier.

Professional Baristas

Our baristas at CCCC are all trained in the handling and preparation of our gourmet coffee beans. We grind and brew a variety of coffee blends daily, ensuring you a fresh cup of coffee regardless of what suits your taste buds.

Our Magical House Blend

Our famously known house blend, Koso, is a delectable medium-bodied coffee that is roasted locally. Try this caffeinated blend hot or iced, and feel the magic of Koso!

Flavored Coffees

Along with our house blend coffee, we offer a variety of flavored coffees, as well as some full-bodied dark roasts. Roasts like “Out of Africa” or “Witches Brew” are roasted longer to achieve a more complex and bold taste. We always have some of our flavored blends brewed, so ask your barista for a recommendation based on your preference, or simply try them all!


Ryan Hall · September 10, 2018 at 2:26 pm

Hello! looking for some Buffalo local coffee roasters to sell bagged coffee into our stores. do you sell coffee into retail? Thanks!

nora · September 10, 2018 at 3:40 pm

Hello! Our coffee beans are supplied and roasted from a local supplier, we do not roast our own beans. Are you looking particularly for a roaster? We do sell our beans.

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