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Why Choose Our Coffee?

Avoid complex Italian vocabulary and long drive-through lines and stop in to Clarence center coffee company for a straight forward cup of coffee or espresso drink. Only at the Clarence center coffee shop can you support paper editing service middle school prompts a local business while at the same time enjoying the artisan coffee you’ve been waiting for.

Our staff at CCCC are all trained in the handling and preparation of our coffee beans, which are roasted fresh from our suppliers. We grind a variety of coffee blends daily, and always offer a fresh cup of coffee to you no matter what your tastes may be. Our flavored coffees are brewed, grinded, and served separately from our non-flavored blends to keep their flavors strong.

What is a Koso? Koso is our much talked-about house blend medium-bodied coffee that is roasted locally. Try this treat iced or hot, and stop in and grab a cup on the go.

Besides our house blend coffee, we also offer a variety of flavored coffees (Blueberry Cobbler and Jamacian Me Crazy to name a few), as well as some full bodied dark roasts. Roasts like “Out of Africa” or “Witches Brew” are roasted longer to achieve a more complex and bold taste. We always have a few different blends to try, so ask your barista for a reccomendation based on your taste, or simply try them all!

Although we are famous amongst coffee shops in Buffalo, NY for our buy lab reports coffee, our reputation is also built on the many other beverages we offer. Besides our esteemed beer and wine selection, we also have a giagantic selection of teas and chais, as well as items like milkshakes, fruit smoothies, and sodas.